Proactive Infrastructure & Cloud Management

The smooth running of your IT infrastructure is critical to your success.

The smooth running of your IT infrastructure is critical to your success. We provide a range of services that ensure your Infrastructure is not just operational, it is proactively maintained and you are achieving the best performance and return on investment.

Systems Monitoring

We proactively monitor your systems 24x7 using best in class tools and we utilise proactive threshold management across thousands of elements so we can remediate issues before they become problems thus maximising your uptime and availability.

Scheduled & Preventative Maintenance

We undertake and support all of your maintenance activity, including assisting third party application providers at a time that best suits you to minimise disruption.

Proactive Patching

We take responsibility to ensure your IT estate stays up to date and is protected with the latest patches to minimise vulnerabilities and threats.

Disaster Recovery & High Availability Testing

We undertake proactive high availability testing to ensure your infrastructure remains resilient as it evolves to give you peace of mind which is essential in regulated environments.

Advisory & Optimisation

Cloud services are continually evolving. We will make sure your cloud infrastructure is optimally configured and you are taking advantage of the right solution that delivers the best performance, best uptime and save you money.

Backup services

We take ownership of ensuring your valuable data and applications are backed up, verified to ensure your peace of mind.

Capacity Management

We monitor your Infrastructure over time to review trends, maximise performance and uptime therefore avoiding any surprises.

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Third Party Management & Liaison

We know that IT estates are complex environments consisting of multiple application providers. We provide oversight and management all of your estate and will work with your providers to provide a single channel for communication and insight.

Audit & Inventory

We provide you with complete insight into every asset, including applications installed and associated data so you can understand your IT estate and ensure compliance.

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