Managed Security Operations

Helping to protect your business 24 x 7

With the growing threat landscape and risk of cyber attack more and more businesses are looking to leverage the expertise of a 24 x 7 x 365 Managed Security Operations to ensure peace of mind.

Leveraging the Microsoft Security Product portfolio and specifically Sentinel, Centrality is able to provide your business with the proactive detection of malicious activity, timely isolation and remediation. 


The sophistication of cyber criminals means that relying on just a firewall and antivirus solution is simply not enough. Cyber criminals have evolved, operating targeted and blanket campaigns to infiltrate companies and their systems to extort money or information for financial gain.

This requires organisations to take a holistic approach to cyber security defences including but not limited to: Protecting your Perimeter, Protecting your EndPoint, Protecting your Cloud Applications and ensuring your end users leverage best practice around password management and multifactor authentication. 



How we help

Leveraging the power of the Microsoft Security suite, including Sentinel Centrality undertakes monitoring, threat hunting and responding to security threats once they are discovered. The service also includes consultancy that will guide the you on a journey of continual improvement in your security posture. Our Managed Security services leverages external intelligence from third parties as well as threat intelligence by Microsoft hunters to proactively detect and mitigate threats.

SIEM - Security Information Event Management

Sentinel SIEM Platform is used to log user and entity behaviour through security event management

NDR - Network Detection Response

Network traffic through network detection and response

EDR - Endpoint Detection Response

Detecting and investigating suspicious activities (and traces of such) and other problems on host/endpoints

What's included

The Centrality Security Operations Centre includes everything you need to manage the increasing threat risk to your business.

Continuous Protection

Centralized security logging and reporting leveraging industry best in class security information and event management system.

Threat Prevention

Proactively using AI to hunt for threats and respond to recommendations to increase security posture.

Isolation & Mitigation

Where security threats are detected or identified these will be isolated to mitigate further risk and remediated.


Providing reporting on your estate compliance and ongoing positive evolution of your security posture.

Security Expertise

Access to diverse skills, incident responders, operational engineers, security engineers, cyber analysts, compliance auditors and technical architects


Proactively communicating to key stakeholders when threats and compromises are identified

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Get in touch today to book your complimentary security consultation to discuss your unique business needs. Our security team can help you assess and guide you on the available options with the simple aim of helping you become more secure and mitigate the threats and risks your business faces. Whether you need expert strategic advice, tactical guidance, or looking to take advantage of a fully managed security service, Centrality is here to help.

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