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The World we live in is changing rapidly, and the rate of change continues to accelerate. Today’s consumers and employees have never had more influence. They can buy when and where they want, work when and where they want, connect to everything they want – within seconds. Engagement is on their terms, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

At Centrality we embrace the pace of change, we thrive on it and we also recognise that with pace comes a high expectation of quality.

The finest end product requires the highest quality beginning

We have been managing IT Projects and Programmes for our clients for over 20 years which is why we understand that transforming businesses is rarely just about IT. Typically, there will be significant business implications and considerations to manage alongside technology changes.

We recognise that transformation management is a critically important discipline. We also understand that every project has a different set of dynamics and requirements so our approach to delivery is a flexible one backed by a proven methodology.

Our Professional Services mantra “The finest end product requires the highest quality beginning” is at the very core of our methodology. At the onset of any project a cross functional transformation team is established to ensure that best practice is delivered on a consistent basis. The team typically includes representatives from both our clients and Centrality to ensure that every aspect of the project is managed effectively.

What Services does Centrality provide?


Each project undertaken by Centrality is treated as a consultative process. Before any solution is proposed our experts take time to gather as much intelligence as possible in order to understand business objectives and validate specific requirements.

The aim of the discovery process is to close out all, or as many as possible, of the assumptions that have been made such that a firm solution and commercial framework can be put in place.


Solution Development

Centrality has always been focused on the delivery of individually tailored solutions that meet the specific needs and aspirations of a business. We have a dedicated solution development team that plays a crucial role in the consultative process that leads to the creation of client-bespoke systems and infrastructure.

Project Management

The Centrality approach to project management is specifically targeted at minimising risk and disruption and employs the use of a flexible ‘gate’ project management process, based around PRINCE2 principles, without constraining pace or agility.

Our approach to projects can be dove-tailed into your own project methodology whether that’s a traditional waterfall approach or a more responsive agile approach.

To ensure the most effective and efficient delivery Centrality uses a comprehensive range of Project tools, templates and processes, which include Milestone Management, Budget Management, Change Control, and Risk Management. These controls are fundamental to managing and minimising cost and ensuring a robust and timely delivery.



Our technical implementation team are involved from project inception through to warranty. Their experience is pivotal to planning our approach to implementation. They engage directly with users to validate requirements and create bespoke user adoption material to support a successful implementation. We pride ourselves on our implementation success and offer bespoke user adoption support ranging from quick reference guides and training collateral, to floorwalking and drop in clinics, through to our VIP white glove service offering.

Support Handover

Recognising the importance of a successful handover our methodology includes a formal stage gate at handover to service. Our transformation team includes the allocation of a Subject Matter Expert (SME) from within our service centre thus ensuring service consideration throughout the due diligence, solution and design stage. Our allocated Service SME supports the solution knowledge share requirements and ensures service level agreements are understood and bedded in. This approach ensures consistency of personnel through to BAU and provides a level of confidence that we feel is pivotal to a successful delivery.

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