Cloud Powered Desktop

Deployed by AutoPilot, managed by Centrality: Windows 10 and Office 365 for a modern workplace.

A secure, evergreen, fully managed and supported Windows 10 & Office 365 solution, from Centrality, powered by the Microsoft Cloud

Centrality’s Cloud Powered Desktop service provides a highly secure Windows 10 based experience on both new Surface devices and your existing hardware.  This provides you with accessible and consistent ways of working across your entire organisation.

Established for over 20 years, Centrality brings a wealth of experience as well as industry best practice in an easy to deploy service. No longer do you need a big project to move to the “next version” of Windows, or deal with the twice-yearly major updates.

Comprehensive Protection

Windows 10 is the safest and most secure Windows ever and with Centrality’s deployment of NCSC best practices along with added protection from Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility and Security suite you can ensure the best possible experience.

Enhanced Productivity

Gain productivity without compromise. Employees benefit from using familiar apps and a consistent experience across any device, whether existing or provided under this service. Best in class accessibility services are enabled by default to deliver value to all.

Access anything, anywhere, anytime

Get the familiar Office experience on any device and work with your files anywhere. Apps and files are always up to date so you can stay focused on your work. Robust Internet content filtering provides another layer of protection wherever you are.

Managed, Updated and Supported 24x7

With monthly quality updates and bi-annual feature releases for both Windows and Office, let alone daily anti-malware updates, it can be time consuming to keep your devices up to date. Centrality manages this on your behalf, 24x7 from our UK Head Office.

How it works

We will work with you to quickly understand your requirements in each of the 4 areas below.  The combined service is then provided for a fixed per user, per month price. 


Experience the Cloud Powered Desktop on your existing devices

We can deploy the Cloud Powered Desktop to your existing Windows devices. If you are still running Windows 7 today you will be migrated to Windows 10 as part of the service.

Choose new devices from the Surface family

If you want the premium Windows 10 and Office experience on premium devices you can choose to add in new devices from the Surface family. Your new Surface devices can be fully supported with next-day replacement.


Start with our best practice Windows 10 Cloud build. It’s a pre-hardened secure design right out of the box

Easily customised for your own requirements. Both the setting up and the health check of your Microsoft Cloud environment are included as standard.

Service Level

Choose from four service levels that match your requirements
All services come with full Windows Update management.


All Microsoft licensing included, or re-use your existing licences
Deployment of 5 business applications are included by default, easily add more as required.

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