Security Assurance Programme

Security expertise to augment your IT team increasing your security posture, protecting you against the growing threat landscape.

With the continually evolving and increasingly sophisticated threat landscape, many businesses need an affordable solution to enable them to maximise their security posture ensuring peace of mind

The Security Assurance Programme from Centrality is a unique offering in the market that provides you with independent Security Experts that work with your IT team to continually evolve your security posture. As an extension of your team they provide ongoing guidance, advice to help you navigate the myriad of Microsoft portals, security recommendations and advisory notifications to ensure you taking the right actions to ensure you minimise business risk, without compromising on end-user experience. 

What's included

The Security Assurance Programme comprises of various elements commencing with an audit and then ongoing partnership engagement:


Initial audit to understand the current status of your estate versus best practice. Patching levels, security policies, awareness and clear plan to get you to a solid baseline in readiness for service.

Security Improvement Plan

Review of Microsoft portals to validate security posture, provide guidance and specialist advice. Provide insight to security trends, product enhancements and automated reporting.

Security Incident Review

Review of security incidents, expert recommendations, process improvements, technical remediation assistance and actions for future prevention

Public Website Check

Security Audit, with a report report covering your environment to validate security posture, certificates, patching and encryption standards.


Simulated attack testing of end users to validate security awareness. Output of report of results and recommendations

Security Policies & Coverage

Validation and refinement of security policies to ensure all users are appropriately covered to ensure posture continues to improve

Security Alerting Icon

Alerting & Remediation

Configuration and ongoing refinement of security policies to enable semi automated remediation and alerting of suspicious behaviours

End User Security Bulletins

End User Security Awareness

Regular Security briefings to increase end user security awareness, to help mitigate your biggest risk: your users. Latest tips and threats to increase awareness

Security Assurance Programme Benefits

A programme designed to work in partnership with your team not replace them that delivers an increase in security posture for your business.

You will enjoy the following benefits by subscribing to this service:

  • Gain access to security expertise to augment your IT team
  • Ensure you meet minimum and best practice industry standards 
  • Increase your ongoing security posture through targeted security planning 
  • Grow your own teams skills through continual learning with specialist guidance and support
  • Gain greater awareness of security risks and the threat landscape 
  • Increase end-user security awareness through training and attack simulation 
  • Ensure your websites are configured optimally for security
  • Maximise end-user identity security through alerting and policies. 
remote working solution

Helping your team maximise and manage the security posture of your business

How do I take advantage of this service?

We follow a structure process to bring all customers on to the service that is focused on getting you on a solid footing and then driving continual improvement:


We conduct an initial technical discovery to review your security posture, completed by a Microsoft Certified Security Expert. We provide you with a report of our findings and discuss the recommendations.


We give you the option to implement the recommendations or offer a helping hand to your team to get you a security baseline you can be proud of. 


The Centrality team become an extension of your team with a structured engagement model that focuses on driving an ongoing improvement in your security posture. 

The Security Assurance Programme is a subscription-based service, which provides flexible options to tailor the service based upon your business size, needs and the maturity and capability of your team. 

Helping protect your business
24 x 7 x 365

Our complete Managed Security offering leverages external intelligence from third-parties, as well as threat intelligence from Microsoft’s own security team, proactively detecting and mitigating threats.

The Security Assurance Programme from Centrality has provided comprehensive service working in collaboration with our team to continually evolve our security posture across people, technology, and processes to mitigate the increasing sophisticated threat landscape.

Jamie Sharples, Head of Cyber & Information Security at Marston Holdings

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