Why Endpoint Management is Crucial in NHS Trusts and Healthcare

Healthcare organisations are at the forefront of mobile technology usage, bringing many innovations to patient care delivery. IT Departments within the healthcare sector, are finding support and governance is getting more complicated and onerous.

Medical professionals now utilise smartphones, tablets, and a range of additional IoT devices to maximise their productivity and to enable remote working. All these endpoint devices ultimately give healthcare professionals greater flexibility thus enabling efficient patient care around the clock. For you, responsive, timely endpoint management is critical, because in a healthcare environment, system downtime can be a matter of life and death.

In addition, because healthcare organisations are one of the top targets of cybercrime, you need a proactive way to protect patient’s personal health information whilst also complying with increasingly strict privacy regulations. You need constant visibility into your endpoint landscape to stay on top of everything.

Connect by Centrality will provide a fully comprehensive service that will track all hardware assets in the environment, capture deployed software, update operating system software, and offer a software license compliance overview. In addition, an enhanced security posture will be in place to manage your end point devices with compliance to national security standards built in.team of medical staff around Microsoft Surface laptop talking

The ability to track all hardware and software in your network, patch mission critical applications, update operating systems, and keep track of software license compliance. Employ open vulnerability and assessment language scanning to identify systems that are not in compliance with your security configuration policies. Manage and secure all mobile technologies connecting to your network, just as you do your traditional endpoints.

This fully managed solution enables your team to manage a variety of endpoints across multiple remote sites from a single, unified console. Sensitive personal health information stays secure, and you are empowered to troubleshoot issues quickly and painlessly with no disruption to patient care.

To learn more about Connect by Centrality and how it has helped NHS Trust Wiltshire Health and Care visit here: https://connect.centrality.com/case-study/wiltshire-health-and-care

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