Case Study

Stonegate Pub Company

Proactive Infrastructure Management

Stonegate Pub Company has over 660 bars and pubs throughout the UK including the well-known brands Slug & Lettuce and Yates. Centrality has for over 10 years supplied software and IT services to each of Stonegate’s individual outlets and, based on this success, has recently won a 3-year contract to handle the company’s entire central infrastructure management needs.

“Our key challenges were being able to adhere to the correct procedures and ensuring everything was implemented in the right way – and fully. There were also historical issues buried within the estate that had to be resolved. We needed expertise and the very best process management possible, and that’s where Centrality won through.”

Matthew Young, IT Director

Stonegate’s formats include the renowned Slug & Lettuce and Yates, and the company also runs numerous community and high street pubs, country inns and late night venues serving food and beverages throughout the country. Centrality has partnered with Stonegate Pub Company for more than ten years, supplying all the required software and information technology services to each of its 600+ individual outlets. So when Stonegate decided it was time to standardise its head office IT infrastructure by moving to a managed services environment, they looked to Centrality – in some respects for consolidation – but more so because they were confident that the right level of skills and availability of resources would be readily accessible.

“To be honest the whole transition has been a bit of a non-event – which is good!”

“We’ve seen real benefits, especially in terms of good technical advice and guidance within the environment we are running. Centrality has standardised our operating framework and brought in a better level of security. We have also just re-signed our outlets contract for another 3 years, which is an indictment of Centrality’s ability to deliver in that area.”

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