Taking care of our team and the local community.

Supporting our people and the local community.

Our company values sit at the very heart of every interaction we have as a company – both internally among our own team, with our industry colleagues and stakeholders, and of course, to the base of clients that we support; and, to deliver beyond the high level of service excellence that we set ourselves as a business, everyone within our team must embody our ethos and values – while feeling supported, empowered and successful within their position at Centrality.

We realise that despite being a provider of technology, our people are our most value asset as a consultative, support-driven organisation. Which is why we take great care as both an employer and supplier, but also as a business that is part of a strong local community, to take great care of the people that surround our company.

In order to better our communities and people’s lives, we are committed to addressing our people’s lived experiences, from our supply chain to new employees as they join the business. The social value of Centrality cannot be measured in numbers alone. As we commit to an even better future, we have built a framework of principles and initiatives that help our team members both at work and through their engagement within the local and national communities in which we operate.

People First

People before technology.

We are incredibly fortunate as a business to operate with such brilliant people who are driving brilliant outcomes for the businesses that we support, each and everyday. 

To sustain the delivery of our service excellence standards, we must continue to attract and hire the best talent throughout the fields that we operate within.

Furthermore, we are passionate in helping our clients’ develop and grow their own businesses by providing unrivalled customer service, while engaging their own employees, and driving engagement beyond technology, throughout the organisation.

In the Community

Delivering social value beyond our walls.

We support our people in delivering activities where they can make the most difference, through our selected charity partners, community social outreach, and volunteering.

Our main aims:

Proudly sponsoring Henlow Hurricanes

Supporting the local community, one goal at a time.

Henlow Hurricanes Youth FC is a growing community football club run by volunteers with the sole purpose to offer football in a fun and safe learning environment for the children of Henlow in Bedfordshire and surrounding areas. 

Henlow Hurricanes Youth FC is based in Henlow, Bedfordshire and we are fortunate to be able to use the MUGA pitches of local schools for training during the winter months.

Ryan Ross, Vice Chairman said, “Named after the Hawker Hurricane, the aircraft built at RAF Henlow during WWII; the local community is really important to us. And, as the only local youth grassroots team, we’re incredibly pleased to be supported by Centrality as a company and employer in our local area.”

Fostering Engagement

Engagement is important to our success and a highly engaged workforce helps deliver better outcomes for our clients.

We value an individuals contribution, their opinions, and feedback and have a commitment to equality, inclusion and diversity.

We are committed to providing a range of comprehensive benefits to reward our team for the high quality of work they deliver, and also ensure they have the tools and resources to be successful.

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