Meet the Team behind our IT Service Desk – Mandie McCulloch, IT Support Manager at Centrality

For our readers of this blog, can you tell us who you are, what your job role is at Centrality and how you came to work in the IT industry?

My name is Mandie McCulloch and I am the IT Support Manager here at Centrality. I joined Centrality in October 2019, after previously working for a large National Charity. I worked as a Helpdesk Technician dealing with members of the public calling in; I progressed into the Infrastructure team and eventually headed up that function. I am proud of the Customer Service and Management skills my previous role provided me.

What motivated you to join Centrality?

When I saw the advertisement for this role here at Centrality it just seemed to tick all the boxes around what I was looking to do at this stage in my career, i.e. returning to front line service delivery. When I checked out the website it was clear that Centrality were committed to providing a first-class service to their customers. It was extremely encouraging to see the focus on the company Vision and Values (HEART) being promoted throughout Centrality; thus, ensuring the staff have common goals and aspirations. It was also clear to me that Centrality are committed to investing in their people.

What is it that you enjoy most about your current job at Centrality?

For me, the thing I enjoy most is driving and supporting my team to help them to be the best that they can. It is primarily my job to ensure that they are best placed to provide a consistent, professional service to our clients. In my experience, staff that feel supported and cared for will always deliver to the best of their abilities. 

A lot of Managed Service Providers have Service Desks who support customers with 1st – 3rd line support, but what makes your team different?

Here at Centrality we endorse and commit to staff development and progression; allowing a natural route from 1st to 2nd, through to our 3rd line support team and possibly into our Technical Services area. Ensuring our staff are provided career development ensures we maintain the corporate values and technical knowledge base which in turn benefits the service we provide to our customers.

Centrality ensure that our standard processes are generic enough to enable simplistic client on-boarding; but flexible enough to allow bespoke customer requirement.

Can you describe the 24/7 aspect of your team?

The 24/7 team at Centrality enables a wide range of client support services to be offered to both existing and potential customers and across a broad range of business sectors.  Flexible working is ever more present in the workplace; with the retail and entertainment sectors a good example of this. Having the 24/7 service available allows Centrality to offer both end user and Infrastructure support to our customers whilst also offering flexible shift working to our staff.

Where do you see the future of the outsourced Service Desk?

The future of the outsourced Service Desk is going to be its ability to offer flexible solutions that enable our customers access from anywhere at any time.  Platforms for accessing services and systems will now be typically cloud based thus allowing support to be obtained from any device, at any time. Data analytics and AI will be important too. To be able to predict failure and fix before a service is disrupted is in today’s world expected. By heading in this direction, Centrality will be enablers to allow our clients staff productivity to be the best it can be. This is an area that we are keen to start investing in to ensure our services are a complete, rounded offering.

What are you most proud of since joining Centrality?

Since joining Centrality, I am particularly proud of the excellent service statistics delivered by my team. By investing time reviewing process and procedures I have been able to improve our SLA adherence stat from 97% to 98%, and our Customer Satisfaction score from 98% to 99.9%. Also, our same day ticket resolution has improved from 63% in October 2019, peaking at 68% in December 2019. 

What advice would you say to anyone looking at getting into the IT industry?

Getting into the IT Industry can be a tricky thing if all you have is qualifications and no tangible experience. If you can, try and take advantage of Apprenticeship schemes. This will give you a great start in IT and allow for you to obtain some really good experience in the areas you are interested. Another great way to gain that all-important knowledge is to volunteer. Volunteering allows for you to spend time contributing to an organisation aims in a cost-effective way for them, whilst giving you a great change to get that all important experience that will help you in your future job searches.

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