Friday 4.59pm you’re hit with a breach, are you prepared?

It has become more apparent than ever this year that many organisations don’t have access to end to end professional privacy and security support.

This gap continues to be exploited relentlessly by cyber criminals and to great effect. Small and medium sized businesses do not have, nor can they afford, dedicated privacy, risk and security leaders with large teams to support their day to day operations and risks.

7th August this year the United Nations confirmed a 350% rise in discovered and reported phishing attempts on organisations. Those are just the ones organisations saw and went on to report. The true figure is likely to be much higher. Nearly 90% of malware attacks arrive through phishing emails, and this year we have seen devastating malware attacks affecting UK organisations ranging from business to academia. Along with phishing attacks, malware attacks are very much on the rise. 

Friday 4.59pm you’re hit with a breach, are you prepared?

Centrality’s Professional security services combine our Connect by Centrality solution with our virtual Chief Information Security and Privacy officer solutions providing a cost-effective true end to end privacy, risk and security service. Following an assessment of your potential cyber and privacy risks, we will develop or refine response preparedness, awareness, training, and policies, leveraging our partnership with The Security Consultancy, with ten of the UK and Irelands leading security experts to drive your privacy and security strategy. Our Connect by Centrality deployment provides best in class cloud and device security to support more flexible and more secure working.

Our services addresses the risks organisations face today helping to tackle phishing with a more secure device build, with a secure cloud infrastructure and helping people make informed decisions with awareness briefings and delivery of policies to reduce risk.

We help to enhance the overall security position within organisations, reducing the risk that many of seen with nearly 70% of businesses reporting loss of data through hardware security breaches. If the malware or hardware attack leads to a breach for enterprise level businesses the cost is nearly £4m from assessment through recovery. For smaller businesses the cost may be lower but no less devastating. These costs of course are before we consider the impact on brand and reputation, loss of custom or potential legal, regulatory or contractual fines. For small and medium sized business events such as this can be devastating.

To reduce these risks, our clients have access to the most secure build on the market and is led by professionals who have led security and risk for leading FTSE 100 businesses. 

Centrality’s professional services fills this gap with an affordable best in class solution tailored to client’s needs. Centrality’s Professional Service is in most cases over 100% more cost effective than permanent privacy and security hires and leverages the support of security professionals who have led security and privacy operations for decades for the top FTSE100 businesses.

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