Microsoft Surface

A range of devices designed for your business to do great things, in exciting new ways.

Microsoft's software has been developed so that businesses can achieve great things, but without the right hardware you'll struggle to get the most from your IT investment. At Centrality, we're experts at matching up the right technology to give your business the tools it needs, with our Surface as a service solution.

The Surface as a service range has been very carefully crafted to help your business reach the limits of what can be achieved with modern enterprise software. Built with business users in mind, each model has enough power to handle any task and effortlessly adjust to the way your business works, connecting seamlessly to other devices and external accessories such as monitors, printers or speakers.

Every Surface device is designed to get more from the apps your business uses today and take advantage of tomorrow’s innovations, with your organisation kept safe by security features trusted by the world’s biggest organisations.

Not every Surface model is the same and every business will need a different mix of devices, differently configured, with a different mix of software installed. This is where Centrality can help.

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Surface as a Service

Modern enterprise IT develops at such a speed that it can be difficult to keep up with all the latest technology without committing a huge chunk of your budget to buying new equipment. Surface as a Service allows your users to get hold of next-generation Surface devices, familiar Microsoft software and market leading cloud capabilities - without spending a penny upfront.

And as with any of our other services, we use our expertise and experience to collaborate with you to develop the perfect combination of Microsoft technology and support from Centrality for your business, in exchange for one simple monthly bill.

That’s everything you need for a workplace that benefits from 21st century productivity, with the flexibility to easily scale the number of devices you’re using, when needed. And with a choice of the duration, your employees can benefit from the perk of working with the newest devices available.

Overview of Surface as a service

Centrality Microsfoft Surface

Microsoft Surface Products

Surface Pro. The new face of enterprise mobility.

If your employees are always on the go, either meeting with clients, managing external projects or just getting where they need to, the Surface Pro is a real game changer.

13.5mm thick and weighing just 800grams, the Surface Pro offers the mobility needed for employees whose responsibilities often have them zipping around from place to place, with all the functionality, power and enterprise-level security of a laptop.

The Surface Pro makes easy work of the Microsoft Office apps your employees enjoy using, so if there’s intensive work that needs to be done on-the-go, you can be sure your device can handle it. And thanks to Windows 10’s improved wake and boot times, you can be logged in within seconds

The high-resolution large touchscreen is perfect for showing clients whatever it is that you’re proud to be a part of. When folded back into tablet mode, the screen provides the most natural writing experience on the market and using the TypeCover input feels as natural as a keyboard – with easy connectivity to external devices if needed.

Surface Book and Laptop. The new face of enterprise productivity.

Sometimes the employees that need the most computing power, are the employees that aren’t sat at their desk. For businesses that need high-performance hardware, even on-the-go, the Surface Book is the answer.

Impressively light, thin and portable, it’s quite literally made for working outside the office but still packs a punch and is twice as powerful as the MacBook Pro. With the latest Intel® processors, up to 16GB of memory and up to 16-hours battery life, you can be confident that whatever the task, your Surface Book is up to the challenge.

Windows 10 and Office 365 mean that you’ll always have access to the Microsoft tools that you’re used to relying on. With a screen that breathes new life into your visuals, thanks to high-resolution display and true-to-life colour, even tasks that require a real eye for detail can be accomplished on the go.

Surface Studio. The new face of enterprise creativity.

Surface Studio is Microsoft’s love letter to creativity, an elegant all-in-one solution that’s clearly been carefully crafted with huge input from its target audience because every function enhances the creative process.

Looks aren’t everything, but the sleek and shiny exterior will fit in at any design studio and the monitor is a perfect example of function working in harmony with form. Slim, lightweight and adjustable, the flexibility alone makes it feel less like a screen and more like a digital drafting table.

It’s the monitor that catches the eye the most, offering the perfect combination of 4k plus resolution, large touchscreen and 3:2 aspect ratio, for designers to work on. Surface Studio isn’t just a pretty face, outperforming any iMac currently on the market.

Putting digital pen to screen has never felt more natural than with the Surface Pen and the new Surface Dial brings some much-needed innovation to digital creativity solutions. It’s a simple and intuitive addition, but you’ll soon wonder how you coped without the ability to control a wide range of settings and functions without looking up from your work.

Surface Hub. The new face of enterprise collaboration

Does a conference call in your offices mean huddling in a group around a laptop, struggling to share your screen with a client whilst taking notes at the same time? Then the Surface Hub is for you, with an up to 213cm touchscreen with 4k resolution and twin 1080px cameras, it’s the ultimate in enterprise collaboration technology - powered by Skype for Business and Windows 10.

As transformational and empowering for teams, as the PC was to individuals, Surface Hub brings teams together using technology that doesn’t intrude, but helps ideas flow. Creating and brainstorming as a group has never felt better or more natural, with a canvas that’s as big your imagination and uses familiar apps like OneNote and Microsoft Office.

When you want to capture your work there’s no need to pause the meeting or lose momentum, and sharing content is effortless whether you want to send it mid-meeting or communicate the outcomes and action points once it’s over.

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