Enterprise Cloud

Organisations seeking an infrastructure delivery model that is innovative and flexible with a global reach and the added major advantage of no substantial upfront hardware investment are increasingly looking to the cloud for solutions. But within the realm of cloud solutions, there are numerous choices. Making the right decisions as to which will deliver the best fit for your organisation is where Centrality’s expertise comes to the fore.

Our UK-based enterprise grade cloud solutions have already transformed the operations of numerous businesses nationwide. Centrality’s cloud specialists truly understand the intricate architecture of this platform and have an in-depth understanding of how to create a robust IT infrastructure in this type of environment.

Read on to learn more about how migrating to a cloud based infrastructure under Centrality’s expert guidance could transform your organisation’s IT operation.

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Core Infrastructure

Your core infrastructure should provide a solid, functional and reliable IT platform for your business. It should be secure, agile and able to manage any degree of complexity. It’s all about having the power to connect to everything you need – services and software – to efficiently operate your business.

If you would like to enjoy gains in productivity through enhanced functionality – gains that will bring a significant boost to your bottom line – it is time to seriously consider upgrading or reviewing your core IT infrastructure.

Read on to find out how reviewing your core infrastructure operation courtesy of Centrality’s experts could make all the difference to your organisational efficiency.


24 x 7 x 365 Pro-Active Support

The smooth running of an organisation’s IT is critical to its success. The highest standards of support are essential, but this support must be delivered on a proactive rather than reactive basis. In other words, prevention is better than cure.

Because prevention is better than cure, Centrality delivers a support system based around remote monitoring. Courtesy of the highly successful Centrality Management Framework (CMF), we are able to offer our clients hands-on monitoring of traffic levels, service availability and incident logging. By avoiding issues using early intervention, time and money savings result.

Read on to discover how Centrality’s round the clock, proactive support could alter the course of success of your business in a considerable way.

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Managed Services

One of the most critical investments any organisation can make is in ensuring its IT infrastructure is well connected and running as smoothly as possible, with users enjoying a straightforward experience and secure access to all the files and applications they require to efficiently undertake their jobs.

Organisations that outsource the management of their IT infrastructure enjoy a number of benefits, including the freeing of key personnel to focus on core roles. Centrality offers a comprehensive selection of managed services, all delivered by dedicated account managers and solutions teams that work alongside our clients on a long term relationship basis. We offer strategic advice, attention to detail, a wide diversity of technical and project management skills and full commitment to delivering an exemplary service with quantifiable results.

To find out how outsourcing your IT management systems to Centrality could deliver exceptional advantage to your business, read on.

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User Experience Management

One of the key ways to identify whether a web application has been well designed lies in the positive feedback from its users. A system may appear to be functioning well, but consistent up-time or visitor numbers does not necessarily equate to a pleasant and enjoyable user experience.

Our user experience monitoring system is designed to evaluate effectiveness, efficiency and productivity and gives us the feedback we need to ensure the end user experience is as straightforward and positive as possible. As part of this service we also offer desktop support services, application deployment, own-device strategies and IT asset inventory reporting.

To discover how Centrality can assist in improving user experiences across various aspects of your organisation’s technology estate, read on.


Enterprise Mobility

Because these days business is increasingly done on the go, the requirement for a failsafe mobility strategy is growing. Choosing the right devices and then securing and managing those devices across a large workforce must follow a set process in order to be effective.

Centrality offers a comprehensive enterprise mobility service. Relied upon by numerous organisations with large numbers of users, our service provides comprehensive management of mobile devices at enterprise level. We support iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and all Windows devices.

To learn how Centrality can help your organisation optimise the security and functionality of its mobile network whilst minimising costs, read on.

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Professional Services

When an IT project is successfully delivered to schedule and within budget, with no pressures on internal resources, your return on investment will be just where you need it.

Professional project management ensures objectives are achieved; it reduces risks because experts are able to identify issues and proactively deal with them before they escalate and changes are effectively managed whilst maintaining crucial deadlines. We offer an extensive menu of professional services, all of which are coordinated by a qualified account delivery manager, fully dedicated to each client.

Centrality has over its 20 years delivered professional project management services across a variety of industry sectors. To discover how we can assist you, read on.

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