Professional Services

For two decades Centrality has been transforming its clients’ businesses through the provision of professional service consulting, strategic advice and project delivery. Our experience extends across a variety of sectors including enterprise businesses; hospitality and retail; the public sector; education; financial services and health, fitness and leisure.

The importance of first-class project management

When an IT project is successfully delivered to schedule and within budget, with no pressures on internal resources, your return on investment will be just where you need it. Professional project management ensures objectives are achieved; it reduces risks because experts are able to identify issues and proactively deal with them before they escalate, and changes are effectively managed whilst maintaining critical deadlines.

Why Centrality?

We offer an extensive menu of professional services, all of which are coordinated by a qualified account delivery manager, fully dedicated to each client. The organisations we take care of enjoy a close relationship with their individual account managers. They become the key point of contact for the entire lifecycle of the contract, overseeing every step against the agreed project plan so that there is no disruption to day to day operations. Centrality account delivery managers are thoroughly dedicated to ensuring every project is a success. Our clients are fully reassured by their comprehensive understanding of their requirements on both technical and commercial levels.

What Services does Centrality provide?

Business Analysis

Each project undertaken by Centrality is treated as a consultative process. Before any recommendations can be made, our experts take time to gather as much intelligence as possible in order to assess individual requirements and objectives. These requirements and objectives are what form the indicators to deliver against. Until we are satisfied that we fully understand an organisation’s needs, goals and challenges, we will not consider ourselves ready to move forward to solution development.

Solution Development

Centrality has always been focused on the delivery of individually tailored solutions that meet the specific needs and aspirations of a business. We have a dedicated solution development team that plays a crucial role in the consultative process that leads to the creation of client-bespoke systems and infrastructure.

Technical Architecture

A clearly defined technical architecture ensures that new products and software tools can readily connect to existing systems. It means the communication protocols can stay flexible and compatible with modern devices and other network equipment in use by an organisation. Centrality’s experts will create a plan to outline the network schematics that define how various hardware and software components connect.

Project Governance & Reporting

Centrality’s experts have found that by putting a structure around an IT project, they can ensure the organisation will stay on track in respect of its strategies and goals. Measuring is crucial to monitor the performance of an IT system, and our experts are adept at implementing tools to capture crucial information.


Our dedicated account delivery team oversees the implementation of all Centrality projects. Its role is to closely manage each step against the agreed project plan and whilst doing so, ensure there is no disruption to the daily operation of the business. Streamlined, hassle-free project delivery is the result.


At Centrality it is very important to us that our clients reap the greatest rewards possible from their new IT systems. Training is crucial in this respect and our aim is to help our clients build on their in-house knowledge base. Our professional services team has exceptional technical skill and a realm of knowhow ready to tap into. This knowhow is something we regularly share both with our clients, and directly with their own customers, enabling them to successfully grow their businesses.

Support Handover

Our professional services department oversees the deployment and installation of our clients’ new systems and infrastructure. They carefully ensure that when the time comes, there is not simply a straightforward handover to our operations and support departments, but that everyone here is fully aware of the core business functions and the reasoning behind why particular solutions were put in place. It is our aim to have company-wide knowledge of what is expected across the board and the service level agreements that have been agreed.