NSL Services Group Limited

Centrality Case Studies

NSL Services Group provides outsourced management services to the public and private sectors in the UK.

Employing over 5,000 people, the company has contracts with the likes of Heathrow and Gatwick airports; the NHS and the government of Northern Ireland as well as delivering traffic management services to virtually every major city in the UK.

Our Role: Day to Day

NSL is renowned for its innovative solutions and accountability to its clients, many of which rely on them to assist in improving the efficiency of their business processes.

Centrality has worked closely with NSL since its formation in 2007. Our role in their business is to deliver comprehensive outsourcing of its entire IT requirement.

The company has for almost a decade awarded us responsibility for its own business systems and operating infrastructure, incorporating some 4,000 users and 1,500 PCs. In addition, Centrality takes care of the scoping, development, implementation and maintenance of all the systems required by NSL to deliver its contracted services.

"Centrality now supports approximately 4,000 NSL users, 1,500 PCs and 90 servers along with over 1,000 enterprise handhelds.”

Our scope of responsibility is managed through a tiered meeting structure, and includes:

• Long term strategic IT consultancy and planning
• Maintenance and upkeep of hardware and infrastructure
• Helpdesk support for all NSL personnel and employees of NSL clients
• Planning, implementation and fast response strategy for IT tasks relating to NSL contracts

Meeting Ongoing Needs

With 4,000 users, NSL commands a high degree of support. Calls to the Centrality helpdesk will cover a range of issues, from requests for hardware support to system faults. A prompt and efficient response is delivered every time, and some 95 per cent of all responses are successfully handled through remote support tools for maximum speed and efficiency of resolution. Onsite support is also provided UK-wide.

Project Handling

The nature of NSL’s business gives rise to a need for new project requirements on a regular basis. Such requirements will vary in nature, from solutions to business related problems to those which are more technically specific. In the first instance, such requests are directed through Centrality’s dedicated Business Analysis team before being passed either to Solution Development or Design Development. In each case, Centrality takes full responsibility for implementation of the resulting solution.

“As part of the project process Centrality provided project management, onsite support and visited over 140 sites around the UK whilst still providing help-desk and desktop support services.”

End to End Committment

Anything that concerns IT within NSL, whether in the operation of its business or the support of its clients, is a concern of Centrality. Our commitment spans multiple levels: from the hands-on, day to day maintenance aspects through to strategic planning and delivery, Centrality takes full responsibility, leaving NSL with the time and reassurance they need to efficiently run their business.

“It is a testimony to Centrality that they are seen as an extension of the in house IT team at NSL and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to another company who were looking to outsource IT services.”

Teresa Farndon

IT & Risk Director, NSL