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How your business can benefit from Microsoft Surface as a Service

microsoft surface benefits

When Microsoft Surface first launched back in 2012, the innovative laptop/tablet hybrid design was let down by confusing and limited Windows 8 software. But in 2018, the Surface range has expanded, and Windows 10 provides much stronger foundations for mobile-friendly PC design. The complete Microsoft Surface line ranges from a standard laptop to a desktop drafting table and, while varying in price points and capability, each device aims to enable workers with greater creativity and mobility without sacrificing on power or security.

The Surface devices are built for teamwork and creativity; integrated for simplicity and strengthened with security. This is all made possible through Microsoft 365 to empower organisations to enable mobile, remote workforces… providing you use the technology in the right way.

In this post, we’ll explore how Surface as a Service can unlock the full potential of Surface devices, making it a great decision for businesses working with Microsoft 365.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 Enterprise empowers employees with the latest productivity apps in the cloud (through Office 365), with Microsoft’s identity-driven security package (Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security) and its most secure, consistent operating system yet (Windows 10).

  • Office 365
    Office 365 provides you with all the tools you need to connect and collaborate in the cloud—Outlook, Office, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, OneDrive, and much more—all on a single, dedicated platform. View the full list of Office 365 apps and services here.
  • Windows 10
    Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest operating system built for the digital workplace, combining the traditional Windows user interface with new features like the AI-powered voice assistant Cortana. It’s the most modern, consistent and secure version of Windows to date.
  • Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS)
    EMS provides identity-driven security for the modern enterprise. It gives organisations more control over protecting information, monitoring access, and managing mobile devices and apps.

The three offerings come together to form Microsoft 365: a solution to empower everyone within a business to work together and work securely, even when not inside the physical walls of the office. And Surface devices are native to this experience: with Windows 10 and the best-in-class security protection pre-built into every device.

Overcoming the user adoption barrier

With worldwide IT spending set to reach $2.25bn in 2019, it’s no secret that modern enterprise IT develops at such a speed that it can be difficult to keep up without committing a huge chunk of your budget to buying new equipment. And that investment can easily be wasted if adoption is not a focal point.

It’s easy for technology’s potential to cause its adoption post-deployment to be overlooked. And adoption will inevitably suffer if users aren’t educated or trained in the proper way. End-users need to know how they can get the very best from the software if you want them to maximise productivity and the business to maximise return on investment. Doing that requires a strategic effort—which is where Surface as a Service comes in.

Surface as a Service with Centrality

Rather than just giving users the device, Surface as a Service provides an end-to-end delivery service to ensure the technology is properly deployed and adopted. Surface as a Service allows your users to get hold of next-generation Surface devices, as well as the training to aid adoption and productivity.

As with any of Centrality’s services, we use our expertise and experience to find out what your business needs and develop the perfect combination of Microsoft technology and Centrality support.

Centrality Surface as a Service works across the entire Surface line, which includes:

  • Surface Pro: perfect for employees that are often on-the-move, meeting with clients, managing external projects or working during their commute.
  • Surface Book: offers greater processing power than the Pro, so workers have the capability to take on any task.
  • Surface Studio: a creative suite at your desk. The 4K, 28” touchscreen monitor rests on a fully-adjustable arm, creating a screen that looks and feels like a real drafting table.
  • Surface Hub: the ultimate in collaboration technology. A 4K, 84” touchscreen includes two 1080p HD cameras, powered by Skype for Business, to provide online conferencing to an entire boardroom.
  • Surface Go: the all-purpose portable tool for all your daily tasks, combining Windows 10 functionality with the durability of a laptop and the portability of a tablet.

To provide Surface as a Service, we take our comprehensive knowledge of the Surface family to provide an unrivalled experience to our clients. We will work closely with you to understand the inner-workings of your business, so we can judge which implementation will allow you to get the most out of flexible working. We guarantee a smooth implementation and are with you, post-deployment, to help with user adoption and provide ongoing security support.


To find out more, check out our Microsoft Surface page or get in touch with us today.


Posted by Paulina Olin - October 10th, 2018

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