Enterprise Mobility

Because these days business is increasingly done on the go, the requirement for a failsafe enterprise mobility services is growing. Choosing the right devices and then securing and managing those devices across a large workforce must follow a set process in order to be effective.

Why is a mobile device strategy so important?

A mobile device used for business purposes is likely to store and provide access to exactly the same sensitive data as a desktop PC. It is therefore crucial to have a strategy in place for protecting what is crucial to your business, as well as for selecting the devices that will enhance productivity whilst delivering on cost effectiveness, value and positive user experience.

Why Centrality?

At Centrality we offer comprehensive enterprise mobility services. Relied upon by numerous organisations with large numbers of users, our service provides comprehensive management of mobile devices at enterprise level. We support iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and all Windows devices.

Security is paramount which is why we have stringent systems in place to monitor and track devices. Using GPS we are able to provide alerts and custom actions should a user leave a designated area and we can remotely wipe devices that have been lost or stolen. We also offer remote support, hardware maintenance and third party liaison for repairs and any other issues that require manufacturer intervention.

What User Enterprise Mobility Services does Centrality provide?

Enterprise & Task Based Worker Solutions

Enterprise personnel have adopted an expectation to be able to work anywhere at any time, without compromise. This expectation has brought with it new challenges in the field of IT, which has had to evolve to become a true enabler. Today’s mobile workforce commands solutions involving far higher complexity than the traditional ‘corporate laptop’ approach, particularly when the work is task based. Not all key applications translate well into mobile working, which is where Centrality’s expertise comes in. Our specialists are able to purpose design elements to ensure the best possible user experience, whilst making sure devices are secure and well managed. And of course, with mobile devices now playing a critical role in business operations, robust support is crucial.

Device Selection, Deployment & Support

Making the important decision as to which devices and applications are right for your individual organisation can be a daunting task: there is a multitude of options after all. Why not hand over instead to Centrality’s experts? We’ll start by scoping out your particular requirements before making tailored recommendations as to the most appropriate devices. Our service continues into device build and tailoring through to management and maintenance courtesy of a comprehensive mobile support system.

Encryption & Security as a Service

By offering security as a service through a cloud based subscription we are able to reduce upfront costs. This service includes full encryption of all devices as a minimum. Security checks are performed when required without any disruption to business activities and, where there is a threat to sensitive data – such as the loss, theft or compromised security of a device – we can deploy GPS tracking and remote wiping of data.

Mobile Device Management

Centrality is able to support an organisation’s entire mobile device estate with the aim of controlling and protecting the data and configuration settings for all networked hardware. In doing so, risks and support costs are reduced. Centrality analysts  are able to access any device remotely so that issues can be resolved without hardware in hand. Management systems are individually tailored to specific needs and can include remote distribution of applications, data and configuration settings for phones, smartphones, tablets, mobile computers, PDAs, mobile printers and mobile POS devices, amongst others. The service can extend to both company-owned and employee-owned (BYOD) devices enterprise wide.