Core Infrastructure

Your core infrastructure should provide a solid, functional and reliable IT platform for your business. It should be secure, agile and able to manage any degree of complexity. It’s all about having the power to connect to everything you need – services and software – to efficiently operate your business.

Why upgrade?

If you would like to enjoy gains in productivity through enhanced functionality – gains that will bring a significant boost to your bottom line – it is time to seriously consider upgrading your core IT infrastructure.

Why Centrality?

Every organisation we work with and every relationship we develop is individual. Requirements are unique from business to business, and even between departments in the same organisation. It is precisely why we only make recommendations based on the understandings we derive from getting to know our clients, in-depth. It may be that on analysis of your current systems, our experts deem that the infrastructure you have in place offers a sufficient base but is just not pushing its full potential. In these circumstances, we will develop a tailored solution to make the most of what you currently have.

What Core Infrastructure Services does Centrality provide?

Wide Area Networks (WANs)

A wide area network (WAN) based infrastructure is usually built around a public telecommunications or cable network. WANs allow for an extensive and intricate network and can cover an almost infinite geographical area, linking multiple sites together building to building, town to town or country to country. WANs allow core operations to be centralised and network resources to be accessed remotely.

Data Centre & Co-Location

For business operations that demand tight control, higher than average availability and connectivity, flexible scalability and heightened security, the purpose built colocation data centre provides the ultimate solution. The creation of such features using in-house resources is normally beyond the means of most organisations. Using your hardware, Centrality will power, connect and safeguard your solution within our secure data centre, providing you with all the control and flexibility you need, without the costs of building it yourself.

Hybrid Cloud

Flexibility and accessibility are core benefits of the hybrid cloud, a platform that makes use of a mix of on-premise, private cloud (single-organisation) and public cloud (e.g. Amazon Web Services) infrastructures. With demand moving between the private and public cloud as needs and costs change, the hybrid cloud offers exceptional fluidity together with a back-up for failover circumstances. In other words, utilising on-premise-based platforms for day to day workloads and, as these workloads expand, utilising the additional power of the public cloud.

On-Premise Servers

For organisations seeking to store their data in a privately controlled data centre rather than within the public cloud, traditional on-premise servers are the answer. Due to regulatory restrictions and the requirement to demonstrate that measures are in hand to secure sensitive data, on-premise servers are often the only viable solution for industry sectors such as finance, law and healthcare. On-premise servers can either be situated within your own building, or within a data centre, which is something Centrality can provide. Centrality will also supply all the servers and hardware, install operating systems and deliver a comprehensive support package.

Local Area Network (LAN) Management

An infrastructure built on a local area network (LAN) offers the benefit of speed, as well as ease of set-up, although the relatively small area it is able to cover must be considered. Centrality offers comprehensive monitoring of LAN set-ups via its dedicated operations centre. Using a traffic light system, we keep track of whether networks are operating smoothly (green), experiencing minor issues (amber) or down (red). This allows us to intervene before a serious problem arises.