Managed Services

Every day more businesses are relying on IT Managed Services providers to look after their IT infrastructure: without them, development and growth will be stunted. One of the most critical investments any organisation can make is in ensuring its IT infrastructure is well connected and running as smoothly as possible, with users enjoying a straightforward experience and secure access to all the files and applications they require to efficiently undertake their jobs.

Why outsource IT management?

Organisations that outsource the management of their IT infrastructure to IT managed services providers enjoy a number of benefits, not the least the fact that their key personnel are freed to focus on their core roles of taking care of business development, marketing and customer service. Outsourcing also brings a raft of professional expertise, experience and knowledge into the business, usually at a level it would be a challenge to achieve in-house.

Why Centrality?

We, IT managed services providers, offer a comprehensive selection of managed services, all of them delivered by dedicated hands-on account managers and solutions teams that work alongside our clients on a long term relationship basis. We offer strategic advice, attention to detail, a wide diversity of technical and project management skills, standards compliance and full commitment to delivering an exemplary service with quantifiable results. Our focus is on the individual business and its unique requirements and aspirations. We will only ever make recommendations that suit the best interests of our clients, and hold no commercial allegiances that may bias the advice we deliver.

What Managed Services does Centrality provide?

Service Desk

Our live helpdesk is central to all our support services. Centrality clients often comment upon the fact that there are no recorded messages and no repeating music on hold: just responsive, friendly, human assistance on hand whenever they need it. Each service desk is designed to meet specific client needs and is based on individually established, cast iron service level agreements. The desks are operated by experienced, ITIL certified analysts, all of whom are poised to prioritise, rapidly assess and resolve support issues using our award winning technical platform. From the moment a case is raised through to its resolution, clients are kept fully updated.

Change Management

Change is a natural phenomenon in any business environment, and sometimes it is not optional. Without close control and direction, change can often prove challenging. Centrality’s Change Management Program (CMP) is a formal process developed to make sure that changes to any product or system are introduced in a controlled and coordinated manner, as defined by ISO 20000. Through a standardised process of governance, any negative impact upon an organisation’s IT system brought about by change is minimised. This process must originate at senior management level and be passed down, without exception, through the entire company. This way, the CMP will make sure the organisation avoids costly errors.

Hardware Support

Choosing the hardware that forms the core of your organisation’s IT system requires careful consideration. Using our knowledge and expertise, we can guide you to make the right choices. Whether the best solution lies in off-the-shelf equipment, or you need a bespoke, specialised solution, our experts will extend their search locally, nationally and internationally, sourcing from an extensive portfolio of globally recognised vendors, all with the aim of making sure your organisation gets exactly what it needs to operate optimally from an IT point of view.

Field Based Engineering

Centrality’s own, directly employed team of fully qualified and dedicated engineers are deployed UK-wide to personally manage a range of tasks for our clients. From onsite fault finding, diagnostics and issue resolution to network design, topography and cable network installations as well as the hand delivery and installation of new systems or additional equipment, Centrality clients are assured of the highest standards of service and workmanship from our field based engineers.

Full Device Lifecycle Management

Centrality manages the entire lifecycle of all types of technology related devices. This includes bespoke design and build; installation; maintenance; monitoring, support and repair through to decommissioning and recycling in accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive.