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Over the past two decades, Centrality has become the strategic partner of choice for a long list of organisations and independent businesses across a variety of industries. Centrality solutions are entirely individual, just like the people they are developed for, and our clients know our advice can be trusted, because we know them so well.


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We believe in what we deliver

Centrality clients know the solutions they invest in, and the 24/7 support they rely on, have all been designed around what works for them on an individual basis. We believe only in solutions that are right for our clients: not what’s on-trend or what everyone else is adopting. As a client of Centrality, you can be absolutely sure of that degree of integrity from our experts, every time. You can also be certain that no recommendations are made without having first been subject to our rigorous R&D processes.

Our sector expertise

Centrality has developed in-depth specialist expertise and national recognition across a range of key industry sectors. That’s not to say we don’t reach out to other business areas. With such an extensive knowledge bank, there is no limit to who we can assist.

Centrality Enterprise

Enterprise IT

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Centrality Hospitality & Retail

Hospitality & Retail

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Centrality Public Sector

Public Sector

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Centrality Education


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Centrality Financial Services

Financial Services

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Centrality Fitness & Leisure

Fitness & Leisure

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Our services portfolio

Centrality services are delivered around a cornerstone of flexibility and strategic recommendations from experts who invest time in understanding the way their client’s business operates. Our streamlined IT solutions will help you to achieve your commercial objectives.

Centrality Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Cloud

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Centrality Core Infrastructure

Core Infrastructure

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Centrality Pro-Active Support

Pro-Active Support

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Centrality Managed Services

Managed Services

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Centrality User Experience

User Experience

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Centrality Professional Services

Professional Services

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